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Ellim Preparator Center (EPC)는 지.정.의를 갖춘 크리스찬의 인재를 만들기 위한 학교입니다. 자녀들은 함께 공부하며, 학생으로서의 사명을 잘 감당할 수 있는 능력과 서로를 존중하고 돕는 그리스도의 마음을 배우게 됩니다. 소중한 자녀들이 세상에서 강조하는 경쟁이 아닌 함께 승리하는 법을 배우며, 그 안에서 그리스도의 사랑섬김, 그리고 소망을 가진 건강한 그리스도인으로 자라게 하는 것이 저희 EPC 의 목표입니다.

Success is not derived from merely an impressive education, but a righteous character and strong morals. The Ellim Korean Presbyterian Church of New Jersey (NJEKPC) has created the Ellim Preparatory Center (EPC) to teach our children skills that they will use in and out of the classroom. EPC aids our students to survive in this world that became more competitive as the demand for education is growing at exponential rates.

In response to this new trend, numerous institutions have sprung up, such as various summer camps, private tutors, and even extracurricular educational opportunities at private firms. In these institutions, students are taught to value integrity, honesty, prestige, and honor. However, EPC is different in that it also teaches students to respect and love their peers. We believe in the power of love, service, and hope, just as our lord Jesus Christ did. Without love, the entirety of our system would fail, for it is the foundation of our program. Jesus showed his disciples what love is, and commanded us to share that message across the generations. With this love, we serve one another in a domino effect. The teachers serve the students, and in turn, the students serve their peers. Through this, we all gain a deeper understanding of love and service, which is one of EPC’s major objectives. EPC strives to give hope to its students by equipping them with this mindset, so that they may become the true light and salt of this world. This hope that we give is meant to encourage our students, showing them that they can accomplish anything with God’s grace. As a result, our students both obtain a wide breadth of knowledge and develop a strong, Christian character. Our ultimate goal is to shape our students into the successors of God’s glory with these lessons, preparing them in more ways than one.

Our main focus is not only to bestow the gift of knowledge upon our students, but also cloak them in wisdom and love. God is the origin of everything, and while we must all make our own effort, He must also help us. He is the origin of everything, including the knowledge that believers and non-believers alike seek so desperately. EPC is meant not to aid students in obtaining that knowledge, but to make them worthy of it. We enrich the minds and souls of students, hand-in-hand.

Ellim Preparator Center

EPC 가 추구하는 가치

1. 사랑 (Love)
a. 사랑으로 가르치고 사랑으로 배우며 서로가 사랑의 거울이 됩니다.

2. 섬김 (Service)
a. 사랑을 토대로 자기자신을 희생하며 도움의 손이 필요한곳에서 크고 작은 방법으로 섬깁니다.

3. 소망 (Hope)
a. 소망의 불빛으로 학생들의 미래와 비젼을 밝혀주어 그들이 또다른 이의 소망의 불빛이 됩니다.